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Our commitment to eradicating cancer is fueled by scientific investigation as part of the largest hospital-based research program in the United States. Browse the Cancer Center's research labs below.
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Aryee Lab: Martin J. Aryee, PhD

We develop statistical methods to improve our understanding of tumor cell-to-cell variability and its relationship to cancer progression.

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Bar-Peled Lab

Research in the Bar-Peled laboratory sits at the interface of cellular metabolism and signal transduction and focuses on understanding how cancer cells respond to altered metabolic states.

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Bardeesy Lab

The Bardeesy Lab research topics include pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.

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Benes Lab

The Benes laboratory, known as The Center for Molecular Therapeutics, is engaged in the design and application of personalized therapies for cancer. Research topics include: the response to cancer therapeutics, the molecular basis of sensitivity to specific drugs and how to identify the genetic variations affecting the response to targeted therapies.

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Biomarker Discovery Lab

The lab is designed to provide a collaborative resource that can provide expertise and services on tissue acquisition, preparation, specialized histological stains, and high-end digital microscopy quantitative analysis.

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Biostatistics and Biomathematics

The Division of Biostatistics & Biomathematics supports research-oriented databases and data management needs for Radiation Oncology.

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Brastianos Lab

The Brastianos laboratory studies genomic drivers of human brain tumors.

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Cellular & Molecular Radiation Oncology Laboratory

Working at the cellular and molecular levels, our studies cover a range of topics, including mechanisms of cell death, DNA damage induction and repair processes, bystander effects, and cancer genetics.

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Cellular Immunotherapy Program

The mission of the Mass General Cellular Immunotherapy Program is to invent, develop, administer, and understand engineered immune effector cells.

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