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The Mass General Dietetic Internship Program seeks individuals who are driven, critical thinkers ready to meet the challenges of this internship. Successful interns enter this program prepared to translate their academic learnings to the fast-paced environment at Mass General.

The criteria/qualities listed below are necessary to succeed in our program. The selection committee rates each applicant according to these criteria as evidenced through the applicant’s personal letter, references, work, volunteer experience and grades. The content of the personal letter and the references play a major role in how an applicant is rated. We are most concerned with how an applicant demonstrates strength in the selection areas, not a specific GPA. Any applicant who can demonstrate strong preparation in these areas, and describe how well he/she meets these criteria will be given complete consideration.

    • Conceptual Ability: Quality of written and oral expression; ability to master new information and skills; ability to understand complex new theory and to translate theory into practice.
    • Overall Preparation: Relevance and quality of the applicant’s previous educational experiences in school, in work, and in extracurricular activities; professionally related courses and electives taken; refresher and/or advanced study done.
    • Self-Direction: Ability to set goals, organize own activities, and work independently.
    • Leadership Ability: Formal recognition of leadership through election to office and honors, and informal recognition by peers and others at school, work and in extracurricular and community activities.
    • Ability to Perform Under Pressure: Flexibility; ability to set priorities; ability to set goals and organize work; physical stamina; and ability to remain reasonably calm under stress. Overall load carried by student during college (academic, work, extracurricular, family or community responsibilities.)
    • Interpersonal Skills: Realistic self-confidence; ability to sense the mood and concerns of others; appropriate use and interpretation of both verbal and non-verbal communications; ability to adapt to a variety of people and situations; and concern for the well-being of others.

The Mass General non-discrimination policy

The Massachusetts General Hospital will select Dietetic Interns on the basis of skills and abilities, and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, national origin, veteran status or disability or that of a relative, friend or associate.

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