In partnership with the MGH Revere Healthcare Center, a community based primary and specialty-care center, the McCance Center has formally launched the Brain Care Score™ within a virtual care setting. The launch was led by Dr. Jacob Mirsky, who is a Primary Care Physician and the Medical Director of the Healthy Lifestyle Program in the Division of General Internal Medicine. So far, Dr. Mirsky has led two Lifestyle Medicine Virtual Group Visit (LMVGV) pilots, made up of four bi-weekly sessions each. 

The purpose of the Brain Care LMVGVs is to educate patients on the connection between lifestyle and brain health and empower them to improve their own brain care through the Brain Care Score. During the pilot programs, a Brain Care Score was calculated for each patient. They were then coached through the components that go into the score, and the individual modifications that can be made to improve it overtime. With help from Health and Wellness Coaches Anna Baggett and Anthony Montoya, each patient was able to identify a few key goals to work on throughout the program and beyond, which led to notable changes in their sense of control of their own brain care and health.   

The overall response to the pilot launch has been overwhelmingly positive, with a strong patient increase between the first and second pilot, and referrals to the McCance Clinic post-program. In a continuation of the partnership, McCance will be working with the Healthy Lifestyle Program to launch an additional 16 LMVGV programs over the next year, adding four additional physicians to the implementation and opening the groups up to all MGH primary care patients.  

To learn more about Lifestyle Medicine Virtual Group Visits and the Health Lifestyle Program please visit the HLP website.