About Gad A. Getz, PhD

Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School
Director of Bioinformatics, Mass General Cancer Center and Department of Pathology
Director of Cancer Bioinformatics, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT
Paul Zamecnik, MD Endowed Chair in Oncology Basic Research, Mass General Cancer Center

Contact email: ggetz1@mgh.harvard.edu


Inaugural Krantz Awards Recipient

2023 Spark Award: Developing deep learning molecular language model for cancer drug discovery
Gad A. Getz, PhD

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The Getz laboratory is focused on cancer genome analysis, which includes two major steps: (i) Characterization – cataloging of all genomic events and the mechanisms that created them during the clonal evolution of cancer (starting from normal cells and progressing to premalignancy, primary cancer, and emergence of resistance), comparing events at the DNA, RNA, and protein levels between one or more tumor and normal samples from an individual patient; and (ii) Interpretation – analysis of the characterization data across a cohort of patients with the aim of identifying the alterations in genes and pathways that drive cancer progression, drive resistance, or increase its risk as well as identifying molecular subtypes of the disease, their markers, and relationship to clinical variables. Recently, the Getz lab is also studying the tumor and its immune microenvironment using both bulk and single-cell RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) data. In addition to developing tools for high throughput analysis of cancer data and experimentally testing the findings, the Getz lab develops computer platforms that enable largescale analytics and visualization.

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Selected Publications

Bibliography of Gad Getz via PubMed

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