Flow Cytometry Laboratory

The Clinical Flow Cytometry Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital provides pathologists and clinicians with results that directly impact the care of patients with hematologic disorders as well as patients with other  disorders that require understanding of an individual’s immune system. 

The lab utilizes BD Biosciences Flow Cytometers, capable of analyzing up to 10-color immunofluorescent data and cellular light scatter. Specimen preparation instruments include two BD Lyse/Wash Assistants and a BD Sample Prep Assistant. This CLIA certified laboratory is currently the workplace of 3 full time medical technologists as well as a laboratory supervisor and occupies a workspace located in the 5th floor of the Warren Building, Room 506.

The Director of the lab, Dr. Frederic Preffer PhD, may be located in his office on the 4th floor of the Simches building, Room 4226 when he is not in one of his research or clinical laboratories or reviewing cases with pathologists and residents.


Frederic Preffer, MS, PhD, Director, Flow Cytometry Lab

The laboratory serves the entire Mass General clinical community, as well as outside cases from MEEI, The North Shore Cancer Center and other institutions. The majority of specimens include those obtained from peripheral blood, lymph nodes and bone marrow. However, fluids from various body cavities, [e.g., spinal, thoracic fluids] account for a significant number of additional cases. The laboratory works closely with the department's cytopathology service in immunophenotyping FNA's of lymph nodes and other hematopoietic tissue as well as lymph node and other tissue biopsy specimens obtained in the frozen section laboratory.

From the laboratory’s inception in 1996 through current years, the number of cases has increased significantly. Much of the laboratory growth has been appreciated in the form of additional new tests offered. In 2020 the laboratory processed the following types of cases and associated case counts: Leukemia/Lymphoma (3845), T-cell subsets (2301), Immunodeficiency (2670), Peripheral blood stem cell/apheresis collections (732), Organ Transplant T-cell monitoring (97) and “other” miscellaneous tests (650). In order to accommodate the prepping/staining/acquisition/analysis of data from such a heavy sample workload with only three technologists, the laboratory continues to implement strategies to automate processes, batch runs and utilize techniques to reduce time and mistakes from slowing down sample processing. The laboratory prides itself on quick turnaround time and the ability to provide STAT turn-around times to clinicians who are treating patients who are in acute clinical situations.

Academic and Research Accomplishments

Although the clinical Flow Cytometry Laboratory is primarily a service laboratory, it has made significant contributions to the body of published clinical literature, utilizing flow cytometry in numerous useful ways.

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