Genitourinary Pathology 

The Genitourinary Pathology Group, led by Dr. Chin-Lee Wu, provides diagnostic services to patients of Massachusetts General Hospital. The material incorporated within this unit is specimens from the urinary bladder, prostate gland, kidney, ureters, urethra and testis. Because of the busy urologic service of the Mass General, there is a high volume of cases, particularly prostate needle biopsy cases, providing a rich reservoir of teaching material for the residents. The pathologists in the group have been active in national and international circles as noted below and have utilized the case material for many peer reviewed publications, incorporating conventional morphologic studies, translational research and basic research.

Clinical Program

In the calendar year 2008, approximately 3,000 cases were evaluated. This material is reinforced by referral cases seen by senior members of the group, the latter providing much outstanding teaching material and additional resources for research activities. Most of the attending pathologists take a turn providing frozen section coverage, reporting on all surgical pathology cases and consult as needed for particularly difficult urologic pathology specimens encountered by other staff pathologists who do not specialize in this area. The groups present at a bi-weekly urologic oncology conference chaired by a senior medical oncologist, and including members of the departments of urology and oncology.

Academic and Research Activities

Research activities in the field of conventional light microscopy have been many, resulting in a large number of peer reviewed publications in major journals of surgical pathology.

Dr. Chin-Lee Wu heads an active research unit within the unit and is working on several areas. He and his colleagues are looking at genetic changes associated with various histologic patterns and clinical parameters in the field of prostatic carcinoma. As part of this endeavor and to procure material for other research activities, Dr. Wu has developed a genitourinary tumor bank. Dr. Wu is doing collaborative research with the members of the department of urology and radiation therapy, looking primarily at aspects of prostate and bladder cancer oncology. Dr. Wu has grant support from three separate sources as itemized below and proposals have been submitted for two additional grants as also noted. The finding provided on these sources is also listed.

The genitourinary pathology research laboratory has approximately 1,000 square feet and will soon move from its current location in the Edwards Laboratories to new facilities on Warren 3. This will be beneficial logistically for Dr. Wu in being closer to the main pathology laboratory and also will make it easier for interested residents to gain exposure to this research activity.


  • Kristine Cornejo, MD
  • Esther Oliva, MD
  • Peter M. Sadow, MD, PhD
  • Chin-Lee Wu, MD, PhD , Subspecialty Head
  • Elizabeth Yiru Wu, MD
  • Kyle Devins, MD