Gynecologic Pathology

The Gynecologic Pathology Group provides diagnostic services to patients of Massachusetts General Hospital. There is a large volume of in-patient material of high quality due to the busy gynecologic oncology and general gynecology services of the Mass General. This is reinforced by outstanding case material seen from other institutions and has provided a rich reservoir of material for numerous academic contributions over the years.

The gynecologic pathology division consists of eight faculty and the Robert E. Scully Fellow (a two-year training position) functions as a sign-out person. The staff pathologist signs out most cases with a resident providing training of the latter. This education is enhanced by lectures plus weekly presentations of interesting cases at the surgical pathology conference on Tuesdays. The staff pathologists are available to answer questions from the hospital clinical staff and to consult on gynecological material that may be a minor component of a specimen or a non-gynecologic service.

Clinical Program

In-house material provides a broad range of outstanding case material for resident teaching. As noted above, this is reinforced by material from referral cases, the latter providing much of the resources for the research activities outlined below. The attending pathologists provide consultative services as needed in the frozen section laboratory and present at a weekly tumor board meeting with the attending surgeons of the gynecologic oncology division. Several members also provide cytopathology services.

Academic & Research Accomplishments

Many contributions in peer review journals of both conventional clinico-pathologic nature and translational and basic research appear on a yearly basis. These include collaborations with pathologists from other institutions and Mass General clinicians and basic researchers. The group holds an annual postgraduate course on gynecologic and obstetric pathology that attracts pathologists from around the world.

OB/GYN Course

Check our Continuing Medical Education page for any upcomping courses titled: Gynecologic and Obstetric Pathology for the Practicing Pathologist