Employee Training

Active Shooter

It is very important all staff are familiar with what to do in this unlikely event. View the full video on HealthStream. Your attestation to having completed the video will be tracked in HealthStream. If this video is not visible under “My Courses” please see your supervisor or manager. (intranet only)

Workplace Conflict: Violence Prevention

An educational video available through PHS HealthStream. This dynamic video shows scenarios that first depict what not to do when workplace conflict or violence occurs, followed by what you can do. (intranet only)



Wang Building, Suite 232

55 Fruit Street

Boston, MA 02114 



 Near Public Transit

 Handicapped Accessible


24/7 Emergency Contact:

Main Campus: 617-726-2121

CNY: 617-726-5400


Health Centers/Satellites:

Chelsea HC: 617-887-4300

Revere HC: 781-485-6464

MG/NS Danvers: 978-882-6444

Assembly Row: 857-282-6000




Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-5:00 pm

Phone: 617-724-3030

Fax: 617-724-2121


Confidential Tip Line


Feedback, comments, suggestions?

Email: mghpolice@partners.org


Commuter Services:






Police, Security and Outside Services would like to sincerely thank Emergency Department nurse Tashika and congratulate her for being an MGH Crime Biter Award recipient.  Tashika’s attentive security mindset, keen eye and persistent follow through helped thwart a theft and medical identity fraud incident as it was taking place.  Tashika observed a female patient stealing an employee’s backpack.  She followed the female to the White Lobby where she alerted officers as to what had just occurred.  The backpack and all of its contents were recovered.Crime Biter Award

Police, Security and Outside Services would like to sincerely thank Environmental Services employee Edmundo and congratulate him for being an MGH Crime Biter Award recipient. Edmundo’s attention to detail, sharp wit and immediate reporting were keys to preventing a potential incident.  Edmundo reported that there was a suspicious individual at 50 Staniford Street that he recognized from a previous theft.  Officers located the individual and received several false statements as to his business at MGH.  The individual was subsequently removed from the property before he could commit other criminal acts against the MGH.

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