Our dedicated multidisciplinary team provides personalized care to patients with cancer that has spread (metastasized) to bone anywhere in the body. Team members include musculoskeletal radiologists, radiation oncologists, and surgeons from relevant specialties including orthopaedic oncology and neurosurgery. Each patient is evaluated and cared for by this team of experts with emphasis on managing sites of significant bone-metastatic cancer. This allows patients to decrease their pain, increase their mobility, and enhance their quality of life as they continue to live on with their personalized treatment for metastatic disease.


Connie Chang, MD




Joshua Hirsch, MD




Ambrose Huang, MD




Bill Palmer, MD




Orthopedic Oncology

Harold Fogel

Harold Fogel, MD




Santiago Lozano-Calderon, MD, PhD




Erik Newman

Erik Newman, MD




Kevin Raskin, MD
Chief, Orthopaedic Oncology Surgery



Daniel Tobert

Daniel Tobert, MD




Anne Fiore

Anne Fiore, DNP, ANP-BC





Ganesh Shankar, MD, PhD




John Shin, MD




Theresa Williamson, MD

Theresa Williamson, MD




Medical Oncology

Philip Saylor, MD




Radiation Oncology

Yen-Lin Evelyn Chen, MD




Ariel Marciscano, MD




Kevin Oh, MD




Helen Shih, MD