If you have questions about any aspect of the onboarding process, this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is a valuable first stop resource. We hope that the information below will make your transition to Mass General seamless.


I was screened by MGH Occupational Health as a Bulfinch Temp and now I am transferring to a regular status position. Do I need to be cleared by Occupational Health again?

If there has been no period of inactivity between the two jobs and it is similar work, a new screening with Occupational Health is not necessary. The MGH Occupational Health Office receives a list of all active Bulfinch Temporary employees who are transferring to permanent positions, so your records can be checked. If an Occupational Health appointment is needed, the office will reach out to you.

I am transferring from another Mass General Brigham affiliate and I was cleared by their Occupational Health department. Do I also need to be cleared by Occupational Health again?

Occupational Health is an enterprise-wide department that has a database of all employees regardless of clinic location throughout the Mass General Brigham system, so they will have access to your records. If there was no period of inactivity between jobs and you are current with all clearance requirements for your new role, fulfilling Occupational Health requirements again is not necessary.

Do I have to attend my Occupational Health Services (OHS) appointment if it is scheduled during my shift?

Yes, the Occupational Health appointment is required if you have been asked to complete an in-person visit with the MGH Occupational Health clinic.

If I already met with Occupational Health Services when I was a volunteer or non-employee at Mass General, do I need to go again?

Yes, the pre-placement screening for new hires may vary from screenings performed for volunteers and non-employees. Occupational Health Services would like to meet with all hires who are not transferring from Bulfinch Temporary Services.


Where can I find information regarding the benefits offered at Mass General?

Benefits information is online in HealthStream, our learning management system. You can view it at your own pace. Click here to self-enroll in the online Benefits Orientation.

When will I be covered under my health coverage benefits?

If you are a regular status employee scheduled to work 20 hours or more per week, your benefits are effective on your date of hire or your change of status date. For example, if you change from a per diem to regular status employee, you are benefits-eligible on the effective date of this change.

I changed to a regular status employee (i.e. per diem to regular, or Bulfinch temp to regular status), but I cannot enroll in benefits via eBenefits. What can I do?

You will need to contact your new manger to ensure that your status was updated in the PeopleSoft HR information system. Once your transfer record is updated, you will be able to enroll online within 72 hours of the update. If the problem is not resolved after this time, please contact the HR Support Center at 1-833-AskMyHR (275-6947) to open your enrollment.

How long do I have to make my benefits elections in PeopleSoft?

You can make your elections anytime within 30 days of hire. However, you will be responsible for the retroactive costs for those selections. If you do not make your elections within 30 days or do not opt out of benefits you will automatically be enrolled in the Select employee-only coverage plan for the remainder of the year.

What are Plus and Select?

Plus and Select are medical insurance coverages provided by Mass General Brigham.

Computer Access

How do I obtain my username and computer password?

Employees must follow the Password Self-Service Process to obtain a username and create a password. The Password Self-Service Process can only be performed after your date of hire. If any problems should arise during this process, please contact the MGH Help Desk at 617-726-5085.

As a Mass General Brigham-Affiliate transfer, I already have a username and password. Do I need to perform the Password Self-Service Process again?

No. If you are a direct transfer from a Mass General Brigham affiliate, you may continue to use the username and password that you obtained at the affiliate. However, if you are unable to access the computer systems, you should complete the Password Self-Service Process as an existing user to reset the password.

How do I access my email and PeopleSoft from home?

You may access your email by going to https://www.partners.org/email. PeopleSoft can be accessed by going to https://ibridge.partners.org – please note you must register a phone number by going to myprofile.partners.org after setting up your Mass General Brigham username and password in order to access PeopleSoft externally. If you are connecting to any Mass General email from a portable device (laptop, smartphone, netbook, etc.), the device must be encrypted. PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service may be accessed on any device regardless of encryption.

I cannot access PeopleSoft from my home computer. What can I do?

If you are unable to access the https://ibridge.partners.org link from home, you may access it from your workstation, or you may use one of the public PeopleSoft terminals set up at the Employee Access Center, located at the main hospital in the Bulfinch Building, room 107.

Do I have to encrypt my portable electronic devices?

In order to comply with federal and state laws, Mass General Brigham (including MGH/MGPO) policy requires that all laptops/tablets used for MGH/Mass General Brigham business, to connect to any MGH/Mass General Brigham resources, or for storing any MGH/Mass General Brigham information (including email and PeopleSoft) be encrypted. Please contact the MGH Help Desk at 617-726-5085 for encryption assistance.

Whom can I contact with any online systems issues?
  • For PeopleSoft issues, please email ibridge@partners.org

  • For issues regarding any Mass General Brigham applications or utilities, please verify that your manager has granted access

  • For HealthStream and all other computer issues, please contact the Help Desk at 617-726-5085 or visit the Help Desk website

Parking & Commuter Services

Is employee parking available at MGH?

There is no employee parking in the Fruit Street, Parkman Street or Yawkey garages between the hours of 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. These hours are reserved for MGH patients and patient visitors. For daytime parking, employees should visit the Mass General Commuter’s Corner, which allows employees to sign up for the wait list at existing employee parking locations and view their status on a particular waitlist.

MGH parking garages can be utilized by on-duty employees if registered in the Night/Weekend parking program (one-time sign-up fee), which allows access after 5:30 p.m. and exit by 9:30 a.m., Monday to Friday, and provides all-day access on weekends and MGH holidays. Employees attending events or shopping/dining in the area should NOT be utilizing the MGH garages. Evening payroll deducted parking programs are available with access starting at 4 p.m. and exit by 9:30 a.m., Monday to Friday and all-day access on weekend and MGH holidays.

Evening shift employees that work after 1:30 p.m. can register for a payroll deducted evening parking program, which is not waitlisted at this time.

Go to the employee intranet and scroll down to the “Local garage parking availability/reduced rates” section to find more information on available parking locations and cost.

How do I purchase a subsidized MBTA pass?

Benefits-eligible employees have until the second Thursday of every month to sign up or cancel an MBTA pass for the following month. You must enroll online via PeopleSoft Employee Self Service. Once you enroll, the enrollment will carry over every month. Should you miss the deadline, you may contact Parking and Commuter Services at 617-724-6588 to possibly purchase a pass at the discounted rate. Parking and Commuter Services will only sell the extra MBTA passes up to the business day before the last business day of the month. The office is located in the hospital in the Wang Ambulatory Care Center, Room 232.

You should expect to pick up your first CharlieCard (link pass) or your CharlieTicket (commuter rail and inner and outer express bus passes) from your timekeeper at your department.

Is employee bicycle parking available at MGH?

Yes, there are currently four employee bike shelters available to employees and we encourage bicycle transportation to work when possible. Each shelter is enclosed and covered, is ID accessed and monitored by CCTV. There is a $20 annual fee that is payroll deducted and provides access to each shelter. There are two bike shelters at the main campus, one at Charles River Plaza and one at our Charlestown Navy Yard (CNY) location. All are available 24 hours a day. Employees can sign up for bicycle parking at the Parking and Commuter Services office at the main campus (Wang Building, Suite 232, 55 Fruit Street) or CNY (Building 199, 1st floor of garage).

New Employee Orientation (NEO) and Additional Training

Whom do I contact if I have questions about the NEO content in HealthStream?

Please feel free to contact the Training and Workforce Development Office at MGHTraining@partners.org.

What if I log into HealthStream and the NEO assignment is not on my To Do list? What do I do?

It is important to wait until morning of your start date to start the assignment to ensure you are compensated accurately for your time.  If you don’t see the assignment by noon on your start date, please email the Training and Workforce Development Office at MGHTraining@partners.org.

I am transferring from Bulfinch Temporary Service. Do I need to complete the NEO assignment?

Yes. NEO is required for employees that are transferring from a Bulfinch Temporary position to a regular status role.

I am transferring to Mass General from another Mass General Brigham affiliate. Do I need to complete the NEO assignment?

Yes. All Mass General Brigham affiliates are separate employers, thus requiring that you complete Mass General’s orientation.

Will I be receiving additional training specific to my role and department?

Yes. The NEO content covers the minimal required training for all new hires regardless of their role or department. In addition to NEO, you will receive a department orientation with information specific to your location and position. Be sure to check in with your manager for more information regarding your department orientation.

New Hire Paperwork

If I don't have the required employment verification documentation, can I complete the I-9 Employment Verification form?

No, you must have proper documentation for the form I-9 to be completed. Federal law requires that the I-9 verification be completed within three days of hire. All documents must be original and unexpired. No copies can be accepted.

View the various supporting I-9 documents

What happens if I cannot get the proper documentation?

You will not be able to work at Mass General until proper documentation is provided. It is in violation of federal law. You should immediately contact Human Resources at MGHNewHires@partners.org.

If I am transferring from a Mass General Brigham-affiliate hospital, do I need to fill out the I-9 and other new hire paperwork?

Yes. All Mass General Brigham affiliates are separate employers. You must have Mass General documentation for your Mass General file.

If I am transferring from Bulfinch Temporary to regular status, do I need to fill out the I-9 and other new hire paperwork?

No. Your information will be transferred from your temporary file to your employee file.

Is a Social Security card necessary if I have other documentation for employment verification?

Yes. We use the Social Security card to verify that your name and number in our Human Resources Information System, PeopleSoft, are exactly as they appear on your Social Security card. We provide this information to the Social Security Administration for wage reporting purposes and need to ensure its accuracy. If you need to replace a lost Social Security card, you may request a replacement online or call any Social Security office for assistance. Find a Social Security Administration office near you.

Newly arrived to the United States: Please apply for a Social Security card as soon as possible. Once you have received your Social Security card in the mail, contact Human Resources at MGHNewHires@partners.org for further instructions.


When do I get paid?

Paycheck distribution is weekly, occurs on Thursday, and is retroactive pay. If this is your first week of employment, you will be paid on the Thursday following your first week. You should enroll in Direct Deposit as soon as possible as it may take two weeks for enrollment to establish. Please contact your timekeeper for instructions on how to pick up your paycheck prior to direct deposit kicking in. Once your direct deposit is enrolled, you may view your paycheck on Tuesday afternoon prior to being paid on Thursday by navigating this PeopleSoft path: Employee Self Service > myPay > Paychecks.

Who is my timekeeper?

You should ask your manager or supervisor upon reporting to your department. Your timekeeper is the person to whom you will report your weekly hours.

How do I report my hours?

If you are an hourly employee or salaried less than 20 hours, you will need to speak with your department timekeeper to learn how you will be reporting your time. This is to ensure you are paid properly. There are two electronic timekeeping systems to record your time: by swiping your badge, or by signing in at your workstation.

Whom do I contact if there is a problem with my paycheck?

You should report any discrepancies on your paycheck to your timekeeper. If your timekeeper cannot assist, please call Payroll at 617-726-2148 (6-2148 from MGH).

Photo ID Badges

How do I get my photo ID badge?

Proceed to the Police and Security Office on the main Mass General campus to obtain your photo ID badge. When your ID badge is printed, double-check that your name, title and department are printed correctly.

Shuttle Service

How do I find out more information about Mass General Brigham’s shuttle service?

As a service to patients, visitors, and employees, Mass General Brigham provides complimentary shuttle rides to sites across the health system and the Greater Boston area. Get shuttle schedules, real-time shuttle tracking, information about accessibility, and more at the Mass General Brigham site.

Social Media

I’m really excited about my new job—can I take a picture of myself onsite at Mass General and post it to my social media account?

Because you are working for a hospital, where patient privacy is critically important, there are limits to what you can post on social media. Check out our social media guidelines, and contact our Public Affairs Office at 617-726-2206 or pa@partners.org with any questions.

How can I follow Mass General on social media?

Mass General has accounts with the following social media platforms:

Working Remotely

How do I complete the I-9 Employment Verification process if I am working remotely, and not coming onsite to Mass General?

Completing the I-9 is a two-step process. The first step is completing the Form I-9, which is done online via HireRight. The second step is presenting supporting documentation to Human Resources in person at the Employee Access Center. An email with instructions on how to complete both steps will be sent to you prior to your start date from HireRight Customer Support. Questions regarding this process can be sent to MGHNewHires@partners.org.

Do I need to get my photo ID badge right away if I’m working remotely?

While you may be working remotely, your hospital ID badge also serves as a disaster pass should travel be restricted and your assistance is needed at the hospital. We recommend getting your photo ID badge the same day you come to the hospital to present your I-9 documentation.

Do I need to complete the daily symptom attestation if I am working remotely?

No. However, non-exempt employees reporting their hours worked via Kronos (timekeeping system) will be asked if they are working remotely, upon signing into the system. If you answer yes, you will not be asked any further symptom attestation questions and will move on to time reporting.

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