Delivering the very best health care in a safe environment is at the forefront of Mass General’s mission statement. Below are ways that the hospital is following through on this commitment in order to protect patients, visitors and employees.


All employees working on site must complete daily COVID-19 symptom screening. You can complete this screening using COVID Pass on your phone or on a computer:

Attestation iPad kiosks may also be available at some entrances.


All Mass General employees must wear a hospital-issued surgical or procedural mask while on the premises. Mask dispensers are located throughout the hospital. For guidance on how to wear a mask properly, see the How to Put on a Mask flyer (PDF) on the MGH Apollo intranet (User ID and Password required).

Work Spaces

Work spaces have been arranged to accommodate physical distancing, where possible. The frequency and intensity of cleaning has increased. Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the hospital so staff can clean their hands easily and frequently. Supplies are being provided so staff can keep their workspaces and tools clean and sanitized.

Shared Spaces

Signs posted throughout the hospital provide guidance on how to safely occupy shared spaces. Employees can work safely within 6 feet of each other when properly masked. When eating or drinking, a 6-foot distance must be maintained. For more information on safely sharing space, see the Physical Distance and Working Together Safely While Masked poster (PDF) on the MGH Apollo intranet (User ID and Password required).

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