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The Massachusetts General Hospital Skull Base Neurology Clinic is a unique and innovative multi-disciplinary clinic that provides a clinical home for patients with inflammatory disorders of the optic nerves, orbit, cavernous sinus, pituitary, cranial nerves, blood vessels and skull base, who will need either neuro-ophthalmic assessment and monitoring, or advanced immune suppression, or both.

On the diagnostic side, the Skull Base Clinic provides the full complement of neurologic and neuro-ophthalmic diagnostic tools, including visual field testing, optical coherence tomography (OCT), fluorescein angiography and other ophthalmic imaging techniques, magnetic resonance imaging and cerebrospinal fluid analysis. In addition, doctors in the clinic have expertise in managing the treatment of a variety of infectious and inflammatory disorders that affect the eye, brain, pituitary gland and base of the skull. The clinic also works closely with other clinicians in our Neuro-immunology division and experts in Oculoplastics, Uveitis, Retina, Neurosurgery, Neuro-endocrinology, Rheumatology and Neuro-radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Massachusetts Eye & Ear.

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