"Dr. Adusumilli is brilliant and kind and extremely has a wonderful bed side manner, very knowledgeable and I couldn't recommend her more highly. I have sleep apnea and I've seen her over the course of several years and she's, she's a wonderful researcher as well. And I feel very confident that I am getting the best care possible through her."

"Dr. Sassower is a great doctor and he is just as much a great person. He has been my sleep doctor for about 20 years and I could find no better doctor at Mass General."

"Dr. Sassower is a very caring, compassionate, respectful, knowledgeable doctor. I am grateful to be under his care. Please pass on my words of praise & gratitude... I wish all my providers were more like him."

"Dr. Videnovic is warm and supportive and encourages questions ... it's my pleasure to be able to see him for neurology."

Dr. Winkelman I found to be, obviously very knowledgeable, however, I found Dr. Winkelman to really, really care about my health. And in my experience I found care from doctors to be missing. So, obviously I would recommend Dr. Winkelman extremely highly!"