The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Mass General works closely with patients and their families to deliver safe and appropriate care. Learn about how we optimize safety in our department.


  • Clinician identification: You should always be able to see your clinician’s ID badge. If you don't see it, please ask
  • Patient identification: We always want to be sure we know who you are. To help us, please show your government issued identification when you check in at our outpatient clinics. Before any examination or procedure you will be asked for your first and last name and date of birth
  • Identification bracelets: Upon arrival at an inpatient unit at Mass General, you will be given a bracelet. This bracelet will show your first and last name, your date of birth and your medical record number. You will be asked to check this bracelet for correct spelling and information. It is imperative that you keep this bracelet on during your stay, as we use it when we administer medication, take blood tests and confirm your identity prior to any procedure. If at any time this bracelet comes off, please ask your nurse for a new one
  • Baby identification bracelets: If you deliver a baby at Mass General, your baby and both parents will receive bracelets which will have the mother's last name and the baby's medical record number (for example, Jones, Baby Mary 123456789). These bracelets will be used to identify the baby and to compare against the mother's and partner's bracelet if the baby was in the nursery and returns to the mothers room. An additional bracelet will be on the baby's ankle which is called a HUGS TAG. Our delivery and postpartum units are locked for your infant's safety. The HUGS TAG is a security monitor that will sound an alarm if it is cut off. If the baby goes by an exit door, the doors automatically lock down.

Time Out

Prior to any procedures, we will stop what we are doing and perform a Time Out. We will review your name, date of birth and the planned procedure. We may also review, as a team, important information such as any allergies and significant medical problems.

Partners in Safety

Finally, and most importantly, we ask for your help. As a team, we partner with our patients and families to ensure safety. If you feel something is not right in terms of your medication, test, procedure or anything else, please share it with us at any time during or after your stay.