OB/GYN Patient Education

At the Mass General OB/GYN Department, you are an important member of your care team. To support you, we offer education resources such as childbirth classes, pregnancy-related information and access to women's health resources.
childbirth and parenting class
childbirth and parenting class
Saheeda Mohammed, RN, coaches an expectant parent.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) During Pregnancy: FAQs for Pregnant Patients

Read the latest information and recommendations for pregnant women.

Pregnancy & Parenting

Learn more about what to expect during pregnancy, from prenatal testing, to nutrition and medications during pregnancy, to giving birth at Mass General.

Women’s Health

The OB/GYN Department provides support and resources for the health issues that affect women at all stages of life.

OB/GYN Videos

Meet our providers and learn more about pregnancy, prenatal testing, fertility, gynecologic oncology and more with these short videos from our clinicians.

Educational Resources, Classes & Videos

Find information and resources for pregnancy, childbirth and women's health throughout the lifespan.

Pregnancy FAQs

Find answers to the most common questions we hear from our patients during pregnancy.

Prenatal Screening

Find information about the different types of prenatal screening tests we offer.

Giving Birth at Mass General

View a list of helpful resources so you know what to expect during labor and delivery.

Breastfeeding Resources

Find support, education and resources for breastfeeding.

Baby-Friendly Hospital

Learn more about the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative and what it means for patients.

Medications in Pregnancy

Learn which medications are permitted during pregnancy with necessary and sparing use.

Nutrition in Pregnancy

Get answers to some of the basic questions you may have about nutrition in pregnancy.

New Parent Support Groups

Join a group that provide support and information about breastfeeding and adjusting to parenthood.

Pelvic Floor Disorders

Nearly one in three women will develop a pelvic floor disorder. Find resources to help.

Midlife Women’s Health

Get specialized resources for menopause and beyond.

Childbirth & Parenting Classes at Mass General

Our goal as a department is to support patients as they prepare for pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood. One way we do this is through a variety of educational classes.

Labor & Delivery

Take a virtual tour of our Labor & Delivery Unit.

Exercise During Pregnancy

With all of the changes that women experience during pregnancy, female athletes may find it difficult to continue with their normal exercise routine. Many women have concerns on whether it is safe to exercise during pregnancy. In an uncomplicated pregnancy, exercise is not only considered safe, it is highly encouraged.

Learn more about exercising during pregnancy

Care from a Multidisciplinary Team

Depending on your condition and preferences, your care team may include one or more specialists, certified nurse-midwives, nurses and fellows committed to providing you with sensitive, expert care. As part of our approach to your care, we work in partnership with you to ensure your care meets your needs and preferences.