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    Q&A with Amelia Henning, Staff Nurse-Midwife and Director of the Mass General Lactation Program

    For Amelia Henning, CNM, MSN, IBCLC, midwifery combines all the things she’s interested in: healthcare, women, and supporting natural processes. She believes midwifery care matters and how we approach pregnancy & women’s health care makes a difference. In the following Q&A, Amelia shares what she loves most about her career, what motivates her, and her love of problem-solving lactation challenges with new parents.

    • patient story

    A Patient’s Story: Ama

    Ama experienced a high-risk pregnancy during the peak of the pandemic. With her husband unable to attend appointments, her care team in the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of OBGYN became her surrogate family, helping her to deliver a healthy baby boy.

    • patient education

    Formula Shortage Resources and Options

    Many new parents are currently experiencing the significant shortage of infant formula that will likely take months before it is fully resolved. But in the meantime, parents and caregivers still need to find safe and healthy human milk or formula to feed their babies.

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    Striving for Equitable Birth Outcomes Through Doula Care

    Allison Bryant Mantha, MD, MPH, Dana Cvrk, CNM, and colleagues collaborated to implement an initiative aimed at closing the gap in obstetric outcomes (including maternal morbidity, rate of cesarean deliveries among first time mothers and breastfeeding) for women at risk of adverse outcomes: The Birth Partners Doula pilot project provides culturally and linguistically concordant doulas to eligible pregnant people delivering at Mass General.

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    Finding Empowering Midwifery Care for My Pregnancy

    When Colleen became pregnant in 2020, every twinge of pain filled her with anxiety. She had been cared for by a local midwife during her first pregnancy, but wanted extra reassurance given what she had been through. Find out how Mass General was there for her.

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    Q&A with Blake Rainie Slack: From a Global Health Career to Midwifery

    After a trip to the Philippines, Blake Rainie Slack, CNM, was so inspired by the national policy work in women’s and family health being done by the midwives there that she decided to change careers when she returned to the US. She has now been a midwife for 13 years. In the following Q&A, Blake shares what she loves most about her career, what motivates her and the future she envisions for midwifery.

    • patient story

    A Team Forever by Your Side: Jen Lyons’ Patient Story

    Jen Lyons was 29 years old when the truck that she was in was hit by an intoxicated driver, causing her to be thrown through the window. With a shredded abdominal wall, Jen was quickly flown to Mass General for emergency surgery.

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