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    Frequently Asked Questions: Pregnancy

    Congratulations! Whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned parent, learning that you’re pregnant can fill you with many emotions and questions about the year. Natalia S. Richey, CNM, MSN, interim chief of the Obstetrics & Gynecology Midwifery Service at Massachusetts General Hospital answers some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from expectant parents.

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    2022 Mass General OB/GYN Awards & Achievements

    While our real rewards are caring for patients, welcoming babies into the world, having a breakthrough in our research, and more, it is also meaningful when our work is recognized by our peers and colleagues.

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    2022 Letter from the Chief of OB/GYN

    In a year marked by continued COVID surges and national challenges to fundamental reproductive health care, we are proud to have advanced our department’s mission to lead in the care and science of our patient’s reproductive and gynecologic health.

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    Mass General Fertility Center 30th Anniversary Webinar

    This year, the Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center is celebrating 30 years of care. Our clinical work and cutting-edge research across the field of reproductive health and fertility has helped thousands of people across New England and beyond.

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