The Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is pleased to expand its urogynecological services for patients by offering care in a new easy-to-access location in Danvers, MA.

Marcus Ortega, MD, and Youngwu Kim, MD, urogynecologists at Massachusetts General Hospital, are now seeing patients at the Mass General/North Shore Outpatient Center in Danvers, MA, in addition to Boston. Dr. Ortega provides care in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Drs. Ortega and Kim provide specialty care for a wide variety of pelvic floor disorders, including:

They specialize in minimally invasive surgical approaches, including laparoscopy and robotically assisted surgery. Patients can receive the full spectrum of care at the convenient Danvers location including consultations, office visits, nonsurgical procedures, and outpatient surgery.

The Division of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery takes pride in developing individualized urogynecological treatment plans for each patient, incorporating the most advanced surgical and nonsurgical options available. Our treatment philosophy, and the preference of most patients, is to avoid surgery whenever possible. Many conditions can be treated using nonsurgical approaches. For patients who require surgery, we are committed to leveraging minimally invasive procedures that involve less pain and a shorter recovery time.

Treatments for pelvic floor disorders can have an immediate impact on a patient’s health, comfort, and quality of life. Too often patients with urinary incontinence or problems related to changes in the pelvic organs suffer in silence or assume these problems can’t be corrected.

If you are experiencing these issues, please be in touch for a consultation.