The Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center provides state-of-the-art fertility care that is tailored to best suit the individual needs of each patient. Our interdisciplinary practice is renowned for its clinical excellence in diagnosing, treating, and supporting patients with fertility issues. Our physicians are Harvard Medical School faculty, and provide services in our downtown Boston location, as well as community locations including Mass General/North Shore Center for Outpatient Care in Danvers, Mass General Waltham and Mass General Brigham Reproductive Medicine Center at Newton-Wellesley Hospital.

We invite you to discover what sets us apart.


Since 1992, the Fertility Center at Mass General has been at the forefront of innovative treatments that improve your chance for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. We strive every day to achieve the highest and safest pregnancy rates. We have a Platinum rating from the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART), a non-profit organization that sets the standards for infertility care. Our longevity translates to 30 years of consistently high live birth rates after fertility treatments and reproductive surgeries.

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Comprehensive Care

Our experts within the Fertility Center cover the entire range of reproductive health issues throughout a patient's lifespan, including ovulatory dysfunction, fibroids, genetics, reproductive surgery, LGBTQ family-building care, reproductive health and cancer care (oncofertility), third party reproduction, fertility preservation and egg banking, and midlife women’s care beyond the reproductive years. At the Mass General Fertility Center, comprehensive care means we are more than just an IVF center: we are a reproductive health center within the world-renowned Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at Mass General who can care for you throughout your lifetime.

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World Class, Inclusive Care

At Mass General the brightest minds in medicine collaborate on behalf of our patients to bridge innovative science with state-of-the-art clinical medicine. Mass General is consistently ranked as one of the best hospitals in the world. We provide inclusive, gender-affirming care and are ranked on the Healthcare Equality Index, the national LGBTQ+ benchmarking tool that evaluates healthcare facilities' policies and practices related to the equity and inclusion of their LGBTQ+ patients, visitors and employees. With a Platinum rating from the SART, reporting our outcomes honestly and thoroughly creates bonds of trust between our providers and patients.  


Teaching fosters excellence. Through our Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Fellowship Program, we have the privilege of training the next generation of gynecologists and reproductive endocrinologists. Working with trainees helps maintain a lively spirit of collegiality, pushes our care teams to continually learn and grow, keeps us up to date with new evidence-based practice guidelines and cutting-edge technology, and offers continuity and consistency in our patients’ care. Our fellows carry on the legacy of Mass General Fertility Center, and we take pride in how the academic learning environment fosters long-lasting growth and continuous education for all our providers.


Collaborating with our Mass General colleagues provides our patients with better care, better research, and better outcomes. Being part of a nationally ranked academic medical center means an expert care team of clinical and research leaders at the forefront of medicine. We collaborate and consult with physician colleagues across a range of specialties beyond reproductive medicine to provide comprehensive, evidence-based care for all patients, regardless of case complexity.

Our team-based care philosophy and practice means our team of certified fertility assistants, nurses, fellows, nurse practitioners, ultrasound technicians, social workers, financial and patient service coordinators, and physicians work together to take care of you.

We are the IVF Center that many count on

Advanced anesthesia care, access to the main operating rooms, collaborative medical consultants, and skilled reproductive surgeons allow us to take care of a wide variety of fertility cases that may be more challenging for ambulatory centers or freestanding clinics. Complex medical history? No problem. Anesthesia risks? We have you covered. Need advanced laparoscopic surgery? Our reproductive surgeons can help. When cases get challenging for other practices, we serve as a safety net for referrals and second opinions and provide world-class care to anyone no matter where they are in their fertility journey.


Being an academic fertility center means the same clinicians providing your care are also scientists doing cutting-edge research to help inform, innovate, and develop new techniques, practices, and procedures that benefit you. Our clinician-scientists publish research including how to use artificial intelligence in the lab to help determine the best quality embryo, the role of Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) in follicular and embryonic development, and the effects of environmental influences and chemical exposures on reproductive outcomes. As a founding site in the Society of Reproductive Surgeon’s (SRS) Surgical track, a unique surgically focused training program only available at 10 institutions nationwide, we continue to explore and expand the field of reproductive surgery research, with didactics and research tracks available. 

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