Forms below can be completed prior to your admission to labor and delivery. Once you complete these documents, please submit them via Patient Gateway to your obstetrical care team or bring them to your next prenatal appointment.

  • Massachusetts Health Care Proxy- A legal document where you name someone you know and trust to make health care decisions for you if you become unable to make or communicate your decisions. It is also available in Spanish.
  • Vincent Obstetrical and Gynecology Department Care During Labor and Delivery Consent - Having a baby is a natural event. Most birthing people and babies go through labor and birth without serious problems. Even so, certain conditions may come up toward the end of your pregnancy that can affect the medical care you need. This form describes common practices you might experience during your time at the hospital.
  • Newborn Race/Ethnicity Form – We strive to make sure that all of our patients receive the best care possible, regardless of background. Collecting accurate data directly from our patients helps us to meet that goal. Please tell us how you will identify your newborn’s race and ethnicity. The collection of this information is confidential and voluntary. It will not affect the delivery of services nor ever be used to discriminate in the provision of services.
  • Parent Worksheet for Certificate of Live Birth – Newborn – During your hospital stay a Birth Registry staff member will visit you and collect the information required for a birth certificate. To reduce the amount of time the Birth Registry staff member will spend with you, please complete this form at least 10 days prior to your anticipated hospital stay.