Janet Wozniak, MD, conducting a virtual visit with a patient
Janet Wozniak, MD, conducting a virtual visit with a patient

"I find a sense of comfort doing virtual vists with the doctor in my own home. We know what time to be on and we just connect. It allows us to achieve what we want to achieve. I feel like we're a team." - TeleHealth patient


The Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Psychiatry provides expert services for adults and children with a range of psychiatric conditions including depression, bipolar disorder, addictions, anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, eating disorders, trauma-related disorders, personality disorders, and schizophrenia. In collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital TeleHealth, the TelePsychiatry virtual visit program uses secure videoconferencing technology to give current Mass General Department of Psychiatry patients the opportunity to receive personalized, convenient psychiatric treatment and follow-up care from their home or workplace, or from any private location. Patients can avoid the time, cost and stress associated with traveling to an in-person office visit.

To participate, patients need a computer or mobile device with a webcam and high-speed internet access. Currently, virtual visits are offered to existing Mass General patients in the state of Massachusetts as a supplement to in-person office visits. When appropriate, patients may still need to see their Mass General clinician in person.

Safe, secure and private

Mass General wants to ensure that patients receive the highest quality of health care. The relationship between Mass General and its patients is built on trust. This trust includes committing to and respecting the privacy and confidentiality of patient health information:

  • Just like a regular doctor’s appointment, a TelePsychiatry visit will be kept private and confidential
  • Mass General uses the most advanced and secure videoconferencing software so that patients’ appointments cannot be hacked or intercepted
  • Personal health information will be safely recorded and placed in patients’ medical records
  • The Partners Notice for Use and Sharing of Protected Health Information provides additional details on how Mass General maintains and protects patient health information

As with any electronic transmission, the privacy and security of patient health information cannot be guaranteed. Mass General has taken every step possible to ensure that TelePsychiatry virtual visits will be private and secure.