CareTeam Connect Suite

The CareTeam Connect Suite is an innovative web-based platform that brings Virtual Care capabilities into the inpatient setting, allowing clinicians, patients and their family members to connect and interact virtually. The two main components that are available to staff and patients include CareTeam Connect and Patient Connect.

CareTeam Connect

This platform allows members of a patient’s care team to meet virtually with a patient using a tablet that is located at the patient’s bedside. Access to the platform has been provided to all members of a patient’s care team including SW, PTs, OTs, doctors, unit staff, etc.

Patient Connect

This platform allows patients to meet virtually with visitors such as family and friends. Patients can schedule a meeting themselves using a Patient Connect tablet, or staff can schedule and manage a meeting for them if needed.

Patient Instruction Guides

Visitor and Family Instruction Guides

Provider Testimonials

Another key element that I find beneficial with CareTeam Connect is the ability to bring in interpreters virtually. I think that's so important, particularly in palliative care when we’re having really nuanced conversations about difficult topics. Having the patient see the interpreter just adds a level of benefit on top of using a phone and only hearing a voice. I think it helps with trust and it makes the conversation feel much more impactful and connected.

Mihir Kamdar, MD
Division of Palliative Care & Geriatric Medicine

I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think the in-room tablets are. They have completely changed how I am able to take care of and communicate with my patients. Of course, they have been life-changing during COVID, but I have started to utilize them more with non-COVID patients as well and find that I am able to assist patients quicker by communicating before entering the room. As a result, I find that I can be more efficient with providing what patients need without multiple extra steps. I am not sure who was in charge of setting up this new technology for us, but please thank them on my behalf. I know all my coworkers feel the same and would share similar stories of how the tablets have changed their practice.

Ashley Munroe, RN

More Information

The Massachusetts General Hospital Center for TeleHealth provides patients and consulting providers virtual options for access to the expertise of Mass General clinicians.