The Mass General Center for TeleHealth provides researchers with virtual tools to further explore the impact telehealth can have on access, patient experience/satisfaction, impact on certain clinical conditions and other key issues. Research plays a vital role in expanding and improving telehealth programs.

Mass General faculty and researchers are currently conducting multiple research projects exploring various aspects of telemedicine and telehealth services to continue to ensure health care is accessible at the right time and right place and effective for patients. Over the years, our clinical researchers have made significant advancements in this area and are changing the way care is delivered. Below are a sample of recent research publications.

Sample Publications

Donelan K, Barreto EA, Sossong S, Michael C, Estrada JJ, Cohen AB, Wozniak J, Schwamm LH (2019). Patient and clinician experiences with telehealth for patient follow-up care. The American Journal of Managed Care.

Girkar UM, Palacios R, Gupta A, Schwamm LH, Singla P, May H, Estrada J, Whitney C, Matiello M (2019).  Teleneurology Consultations for Prognostication and Brain Death Diagnosis. Telemed J E Health.

Hayden EM, Erler KS, Fleming D. (2019). Telehealth Ethics: The Role of Care Partners. Telemed J E Health.

Schwamm LH (2019). Digital Health Strategies to Improve Care and Continuity Within Stroke Systems of Care in the United States. Circulation.

Shah SJ, Schwamm LH, Cohen AB, Simoni MR, Estrada J, Matiello M, Venkataramani A, Rao SK (2018). Virtual Visits Partially Replaced In-Person Visits In An ACO-Based Medical Specialty Practice. Health Affairs.