Experts at the Center for Hematology work together to offer the most advanced treatment for patients with blood disorders.


David John Kuter, MD, DPhil
Director, Center for Hematology




Hematology Team

Philip Crawford Amrein, MD





Larissa Bornikova, MD




Annemarie E. Fogerty, MD





Katayoon Goodarzi, MD


Rachel P. Rosovsky, MD





David T. Scadden, MD
Director, Center for Regenerative Medicine
Co-Director, Harvard Stem Cell Institute
Director, Hematologic Malignancies & Experimental Hematology




David Bent Smith, MD





David B. Sykes, MD, PhD





Jennifer Mead, PA


Nurse Practitioners

Kathryn Allen, NP


Jill Burke, NP




Brianne McGree, NP


Andrea Ross, NP
Access Nurse


Registered Nurses

Heather Baker, RN




Diane Smith, RN


Valerie Wood, RN


Roni Woods, RN