Pulmonary Pathology 

The Pulmonary Pathology Service provides clinical, teaching and research for all surgical specimens in pulmonary pathology. This includes biopsies and resections of lung, trachea, bronchi, pleura, mediastinal lymph nodes (non-lymphoma) and chest wall. The pulmonary service also functions as a consultant in infectious disease pathology for other units in the department. The pulmonary pathology service handles approximately 3,000 cases per year. Special expertise in surgical pathology exists in lung transplant pathology, thoracic oncology including mesotheliomas, tracheal pathology, pulmonary hypertension, vasculitis, granulomatous diseases and pediatric pulmonary pathology.


  • Mari Mino-Kenudson, MD - Director, Pulmonary Pathology
  • Amy Ly, MD
  • Lida Hariri, MD, PhD
  • Yin Rex. Hung, MD, PhD
  • Angela Shih, MD

Clinical Program

Residents have three rotations for a total of approximately seven weeks through pulmonary pathology during their first two years of training in surgical pathology. The rotations combine pulmonary and cardiac and autopsy pathology. The rotations include reviewing difficult frozen sections in pulmonary disease on an average of two per day, surgical and autopsy cases of the Mass General, complicated extramural referral cases to Dr. Mark and participation in the weekly pulmonary pathology consensus conference.

Academic and Research Accomplishments

Dr. Mino-Kenudson is interested in molecular analysis of carcinomas of the lung, interstitial lung disease, unusual inflammatory conditions of the lung and the role of lymphocytic subsets in various lung and mediastinal diseases.

Teaching and Educational Activities

The pulmonary pathology service contributes to the weekly Pulmonary Medicine Grand Rounds, the weekly Medical and Morbidity Conference, monthly Interhospital Pediatric Pulmonary Rounds and the monthly interdepartmental conference on Interstitial Lung Disease.  

The unit is a major contributor to the Boston Lung Pathology Group, a bimonthly meeting which is held at Tufts University during the academic year. This brings together pulmonary pathologists from eastern Massachusetts to discuss particularly challenging cases and concepts in pulmonary disease. A unique aspect of the Group is study of lung disease in animals led by Dr. Joseph Alroy, a member of the faculty of the Department of Pathology at Tufts University Veterinary School. 

Dr. Mino-Kenudson are invited speakers nationally and internationally and have served as visiting professors at numerous institutions. Dr. Mino-Kenudson lectures in the courses Current Concepts in Surgical Pathology and Thoracic Pathology as well as in other post graduate courses.