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The Myhre Syndrome Clinic provides compassionate care with an expert multidisciplinary team. As a subspecialty program, we do not offer routine primary care. However, we provide a comprehensive evaluation, specific to the needs of people with Myhre syndrome. Our doctors work with the patient’s primary care provider to identify specialty needs and to coordinate care and improve outcomes.

Our Services

At 16, Anna Young was diagnosed
with Myhre Syndrome, a very rare
genetic condition.

Mission Statement

We understand the challenges that people and families living with a rare disease experience each day. As a collaborative, multidisciplinary team serving people with Myhre syndrome of all ages and their families, we provide clinical care, education and support. We are passionate about the importance of research to answer the questions that families ask us.

Before Your Appointment

To request an appointment in this clinic, please call the Medical Genetics Patient Service Coordinator (617-643-3133 or 617-726-1561). Dr. Lin will personally coordinate the visit which will occur over 2-4 days depending on the travel and medical needs of each person (and their family). She will provide you with handouts.

You will be asked to contact Mass General registration to obtain a medical record number (866-211-6588).

You will need to enroll into the Patient Gateway

What Will Happen at the First Visit? Which Doctors Will I See?

We review your past medical care, especially genetic and cardiac testing, and current care plan. We address the questions that you think are most important.

Each visit is personalized to meet your needs. All patients will meet with the “core providers” from genetics, cardiology, pulmonology and physical therapy. Most people see other specialists depending on their needs. Diagnostic testing will be planned, too.

How Should I Prepare for the Visit?

Before we can meet you, we must have some of your past medical records, including any important consultations, tests, and procedures. We cannot evaluate you until you complete the Pre-Clinic Questionnaire that the genetics office will send.

If you, your son or daughter has received medical care from a health care provider outside Mass General, you will complete a medical release form to request that medical records be sent to us in advance of your visit. In general, we would like to see notes of the earliest, most recent, and a few interval visits. Patients who are followed at hospitals which also use the Epic Electronic Medical Record give MGH providers the ability to view their chart through “Care Everywhere.” Dr. Lin will provide you with a consent form.

Health Care Professionals

Please contact Dr. Lin for relevant literature.

Patients and Families

General Reviews about Myhre syndrome available on the internet include:

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Myhre syndrome. Genetics Home Reference. https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/myhre-syndrome

National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD): Myhre Syndrome

We support the Myhre Syndrome Foundation as our partners to care for people, support their families, and conduct research to find treatments. We encourage you to visit the Myhre Syndrome Foundation website.

Patient Stories

Finding a medical home away from home with a rare disease diagnosis: Anna's story - 8/11/2017, Mass General
At 16, Anna Young was diagnosed with Myhre Syndrome, a very rare genetic condition. Since coming to the Myhre Syndrome Clinic at MGHfC, she has found her place in the world and learned the skills to thrive as a young adult.

Patient ambassador is a guiding light for the Myhre Syndrome Clinic - 8/11/2017, Mass General
April Lanord's son, Alec Bruneau, was considered a medical mystery until he received a diagnosis of Myhre Syndrome, a very rare genetic condition, during childhood. Since coming to the Myhre Syndrome Clinic, Alec has found a new sense of confidence and comfort in who he is. April was also inspired to become an ambassador for the clinic, helping other families get oriented to Boston and MGHfC.

Ty's story: Fourth grader flourishes with a team approach to rare genetic condition - 1/29/2020, Mass General
For the first few years of Ty’s life, his parents, Destiny and Andrew, from Chicago, weren’t sure why their son wasn’t talking. In 2012, at age 2, Ty was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Two years later, Ty was diagnosed with Myhre syndrome. Ty is now in fourth grade and attends regular classes with an aide and his service dog, Splash.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

With joint leadership between Medical Genetics and Pediatric Cardiology, we have assembled a multidisciplinary team of medical, radiology and psychosocial support. Learn more.

Co-Directors: Angela E. Lin, MD, Medical Genetics and Mark E. Lindsay, MD, PhD, Pediatric Cardiology