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The Anne Klibanski Visiting Scholars Award was specifically created to provide focused opportunities in speaking, coaching, and networking for women faculty. This award is named in honor of Anne Klibanski, MD, President and CEO of Mass General Brigham and former Director of the Center for Faculty Development, who has been a strong supporter and advocate for women physicians and scientists at MGH. Among many other initiatives, she was instrumental in establishing the MGH Backup Childcare Center and the Claflin Distinguished Scholar Awards, which support the careers of women scientists at MGH at a critical period in their careers when childrearing responsibilities might otherwise reduce their productivity.

This award is presented to women faculty who have shown exceptional promise as future leaders and whose careers will specifically benefit from speaking and networking opportunities at the national or international level. The award provides the opportunity to serve as a “virtual” Visiting Professor and give Grand Rounds at a national or international institution, organized through the scholar’s “champion,” a senior member of the MGH faculty. It is the hope of the program that this opportunity will facilitate connections with collaborators and/or mentors at the host institution(s). Anne Klibanski Scholars will also build connections with each other, network with colleagues at MGH, and receive dedicated coaching, training, and peer mentoring support:

  • Sponsorship from a senior MGH faculty member, the Scholar’s “champion.”
  • Two individual sessions with career coach Charlene Grabowski, executive coach and member of Pathfinder Strategies team,, and access to lectures offered to past scholars, including leadership challenges, leading people, and change management fundamentals.
  • Four group coaching sessions led by a trained MGH faculty coach with a small cohort of Anne Klibanski scholars to explore and evaluate individual needs and goals in a collaborative, communal space of support.
  • Lecture forums:
    • A welcome session with an introductory seminar/workshop. This will include education on how best to give presentations, explain their work to a lay audience, and self-promote.
    • Four sessions dedicated to improving speaking skills. In these sessions, Klibanski scholars will give 15-minute lectures and receive immediate focused feedback from each other and senior faculty mentors. These sessions will offer a unique and unparalleled opportunity to learn from each other in a safe and constructive environment and practice how best to give a talk.
  • Additional ad hoc offerings on professional development skills.

“The Anne Klibanski Visiting Scholars Program gives space for faculty to hone their brand, take time to think about ways to expand their reach and impact, and build community with other amazing women faculty.”
--Shannon Scott-Vernaglia, 2021-22 Anne Klibanski Scholar.

Please note that this award does not fund research or protected time.

Bredella MA, Ferrone CR, Tannous BA, Patel KA, Levy AS, Bouxsein ML. Promoting Women in Academic Medicine during COVID-19 and Beyond. J Gen Intern Med. 2021:36(10):3292-3294.


Awards Expenditures and Start Date

Awards begin in September. Visiting Professorships take place during the academic year. During that time, professional coaching and other career development opportunities are provided. 

  • Primary faculty appointment at MGH
  • Women physicians, clinicians, clinician-educators and researchers
  • MD, PhD, or equivalent advanced degree
  • HMS appointment of Instructor, Assistant Professor, or Associate Professor
Review Process

Applications are evaluated and ranked by a multidisciplinary Review Committee. Applicants are notified in June.

Submission Requirements

1. Topic of Proposed Presentation.

2. Overview of proposed presentation(s) (1-page maximum for each presentation, up to 3 presentations).

3. HMS CV.

4. Personal Statement (1-page maximum) – how this award will further career development and academic advancement, short and long-term goals, and any current challenges faced.

5. Commitment to attend

  • Four small-group coaching sessions (times to be determined by coaching cohort)
  • Initial 2-hour welcome session
  • Present at one of the four scheduled lecture forums. 

6. One Letter of Support from Department Chair, Division, or Unit Chief, including:

  • Commitment to host 1 speaker from an outside institution, if needed (does not need to be funded, and can be virtual). This could be at a Departmental Grand Rounds, resident lecture, or other forum such as departmental/division meetings.
How to Apply

The Center for Faculty Development is not accepting applications.  

This user-friendly system allows MGH researchers to submit electronic applications to the Center for Faculty Development. The system has been designed to allow users to:

  • Create a personal profile which will auto populate your future CFD applications.
  • View current calls and apply to open opportunities.
  • Assign a delegate to submit an application to the CFD on behalf of the applicant (optional).
  • Save and edit current applications in progress.
  • Submit completed applications.
  • View all your CFD applications that have been submitted via the online grants system.

Instructions for Applying Online

To get started, please click the "Apply" button at the top of this page.

  1. Create your account: Login using your Mass General Brigham credentials and fill-out the profile information.
  2. Complete the application: once your profile is complete, you will automatically progress through to the online application. If you cannot complete the application at one time, “save” the application and return to it at a later time to finish. Before submitting your application, you will have the ability to make changes to the application.
  3. Submit your application: once you have completed the application click on the “submit” button at the bottom of the page. Once you submit it, you will not be able to make further changes unless you send a request to ECOR (note that once the deadline passes, request to make changes will not be accepted).

Useful tips:

  • To avoid losing your work, remember to save frequently.
  • You can only upload PDF documents. Limit characters to A-Z, a-z and 0-9 when naming PDF documents. Do not use periods, commas, or dashes in the file name.  
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do I need to work at MGH in order to quality for this award?
A. Yes, this program is funded by the MGH Center for Faculty Development (CFD) and is for women faculty at MGH.

Q. Do I need to have an HMS appointment to be eligible for the award? 
A. Yes, you must have an academic HMS appointment of Instructor, Assistant Professor or Associate Professor. The appointment must be through the MGH.

Q. What is the goal of the Anne Klibanski Visiting Scholars Award? 
A. This award serves to support the career advancement of women faculty leaders at MGH by providing them the opportunity to serve as a “virtual” Visiting Professor and give Grand Rounds at a national or international institution. The Anne Klibanski Scholar’s champion, assigned by the CFD, will organize the talk, identifying a contact at the host institution for the Scholar. The Award also includes professional coaching, both individual and group, as well as forums on presentation skills and potential ad hoc career development sessions. The award does not pay for research or protected time.

Q. How will I identify the institution?
A. The Anne Klibanski Scholar’s assigned “champion,” assigned by the CFD, will identify the host institution(s), working with the Scholar  to find the best fit(s).

Q. The award description states that I will receive coaching; can you provide more details? 
A. This award is a 1-year program. During this year, you will receive 1:1 professional coaching on leadership, group coaching sessions and ad hoc seminars on career advancement and leadership skills with the other Scholars. Please note this time commitment, which comes to approximately 3 hrs/month.

If you have further questions, please submit them via e-mail to