Outstanding PI Mentor of Trainees Award

Sponsored by the Center for Faculty Development, this is one of the seven CFD Excellence in Mentoring Awards to recognize and honor the mentoring contributions and to further build a "culture of mentoring" here at MGH.

Do you have or know an outstanding Principal Investigator (PI) mentoring trainees in their lab?

As part of the "CFD Excellence in Mentoring Awards," the MGH Office for Research Careers within the Center for Faculty Development invites nominations for the Outstanding Principal Investigator (PI) Mentor of Trainees Award, an annual award given to an MGH Principal Investigator (PI) who has contributed to the success of trainees: postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, undergraduates, or high school student(s). Nominations by present and past trainees are highly encouraged.

This $1,000 award will be given to one or more faculty members at any rank and from any MGH department who has/have demonstrated excellence in mentoring in several ways including:

  • Demonstrating sustained interest and success in mentoring trainees in research
  • Having a positive impact on the academic progress and achievements of trainees
  • Helping trainees stay on track with their academic work
  • Fostering and encouraging the professional development of PhD postdoctoral fellows and graduate student(s)
  • Fostering a diverse, inclusive, and supportive environment for trainees
Description of Award

This award recognizes the excellent mentorship by an MGH Principal Investigator of all trainees in their lab, with particular emphasis on their mentorship of postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. The PI will historically have had more than one trainee in their lab and have demonstrated outstanding contributions in helping all trainees to advance their skills, providing support with scholarly activities, and encouraging their academic and professional development.

  • MGH appointment
  • Principal Investigator with majority or full-time commitment to research
  • Harvard Medical School appointment
  • MD, PhD, or equivalent advanced degree
  • Nominee's HMS CV
Review Process

Nominees will be evaluated and ranked by a multidisciplinary Review Committee.

Nomination Requirements
  • Completed Nomination Form*
  • At least one and up to 3 nominating letters (most likely one from the nominator). Multiple nominators can compose each letter, but this is not required. Each letter can be up to 2 pages but not longer.
  • Nominee's HMS CV

Overall rules:

  • A nominator can nominate only ONE candidate per award.
  • Nominators from outside MGH are welcome, but at least one nominator has to be from within MGH.

*Nomination Form:

  • In one paragraph (2-4 sentences), summarize why you* have nominated this candidate for this award.
    *One nominator will submit the nomination, including the form and up to 3 nominating letters.
  • List all letter writers for this nomination, e.g.:
    1. Nominator or Supporting Letter Writer(s)
    2. Supporting Letter Writer(s)
    3. Supporting Letter Writer(s)
How to Nominate

This user-friendly portal allows you to submit electronic nominations to the Center for Faculty Development. The portal has been designed to allow users to:

  • View current calls and submit to open opportunities
  • Save and edit current nominations in progress
  • Submit completed nominations
  • View all your CFD nominations that have been submitted via the online portal

If you have questions, please submit them via e-mail to

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