Do you know an outstanding Principal Investigator (PI) mentoring PhD graduate student(s) in his/her lab?

The MGH Graduate Student Division (GSD) within the Center for Faculty Development invites nominations for the GSD PI Mentoring Award. This award will be given to an MGH PI who has contributed to the success of PhD graduate student(s) at MGH and demonstrated excellence in a number of ways including:

  • Demonstrating sustained interest and success in mentoring of PhD graduate student(s) in research
  • Having a positive impact on academic progress and achievements of PhD graduate student(s)
  • Helping PhD graduate student(s) to stay on track with their academic work
  • Fostering and encouraging professional development of PhD graduate student(s)
  • Fostering a diverse, inclusive and supportive environment for graduate students

The MGH Graduate Student Division aims to recognize outstanding achievements in PhD graduate student mentoring. This award seeks to recognize MGH Principal Investigators who mentor PhD graduate student(s) in their lab, who historically have had more than one PhD graduate student, and who have demonstrated outstanding contribution in helping PhD graduate students to advance their skills and provide support with scholarly activities. The award comes with a $1,000.00 reward to the winning PI’s laboratory to be used for PhD graduate student development and to celebrate their lab and its accomplishments.

  1. Complete Nomination Form.
  2. Nominations for this award should be accompanied by a maximum of two nominating letters (not to exceed 2 pages each).
  3. Nominee’s HMS CV. 
How to Apply

The Center for Faculty Development is not currently accepting applications.

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