Dr. Brown's video on MS Stream

Robert Brown, MD

The journey to retirement: Listening to the little voice within, coming to terms with one’s meaningful career, and focusing on the joy, wellbeing, and quality of life of one’s family.

Dr. Cooper's video on YouTube

Jeffrey B. Cooper, PhD

Start doing what you like long before retiring and don’t wait till you’re too old to have fun—there’s a wonderful encore life ahead.

Dr. Duhaime's video on MS Stream

Ann-Christine Duhaime, MD

From a laser focus on a child’s brain to brain and behavior as it applies to our environmental quagmire: A lifetime journey in neuroscience.

Dr. Horn's video on YouTube

Thomas Horn, MD

Repurposing: After 40 years, exploring the road not taken.

Dr. Jupiter's video on YouTube

Jesse Jupiter, MD

A New Life Cycle: An opportunity to control stress and keep adapting.

Dr. Mathisen's video on YouTube

Douglas Mathisen, MD

The move toward retirement: Plan more than you’ve ever planned anything in your life.

Dr. Young's video on YouTube

Anne B. Young, MD, PhD

Transition to retirement step by step and start having new adventures while holding on to passions you developed during your career.

How do you, if you so desire, maintain your ties to an institution that has been your world and set out to create a new world at the same time? MGH faculty share how they have navigated the transition away from their intense and fulfilling careers to a new stage in their lives, which the term “retirement” cannot adequately describe. Enjoy listening to their inspiring and insightful stories of exploration and self-discovery.

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