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Guided Relaxation Exercises from Benson-Henry Institute

Guided relaxation exercises to help you as you manage stress during these uncertain times.

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Be kind to your mind, less stressed, happier

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Foundations: Wellbeing & sleep (formerly Evermind)

Science-based wellbeing app. Build your resilience with evidence-based activities and programs.

EAP's 10 Minute Stress and Resilience Sessions

Address Your Stress with Recorded Mini-Sessions from EAP!

The EAP offers 10 minute Stress and Resilience Sessions, visit their website for webinar recordings of relaxation techniques.

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Medicating with Meditation? The Power of Mind Body Medicine

Shrinking It Down podcast episode featuring Darshan Mehta, MD, MPH (podcast by The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds)

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Introduction to Meditation

A short mind-body exercise with Darshan Mehta, MD, MPH.

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