Know the Line program

MGB is committed to ensuring that all employees have a safe and respectful workplace by creating an environment free from harassment, sexual harassment, and workplace bullying. 

The MGB Know the Line program includes
  • Education and training through HealthStream called Common Ground Healthcare on how to recognize, properly address and prevent sexual and other forms of harassment.
  • Policies related to harassment, discrimination, and other unacceptable workplace behaviors.
  • Enhanced process to Submit/report a Concern and begin investigation (to submit anonymously, contact the MGB Compliance HelpLine at 1-800-856-1983.
  • A dedicated Know the Line website with details, policies, and resources.
  • Expanded resources and support. The Employee Assistance Program is available and prepared to provide specialists in trauma-informed care and confidential support to all parties involved in situations of harassment or abusive conduct. This includes those who experience or observe this behavior and those who are asked to respond to concerns or complaints.
  • Ongoing commitment. Each of us is required to complete an annual attestation that stresses accountability and the expectation that we will all promote a safe and respectful environment that is free of harassment of any kind.

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