Postdoctoral Division

FROM DIRECTOR: The PDD supports our trainees and the advancement of their careers through one-on-one meetings, CV reviews, mentorship, and transition to independence. -- Bakhos A. Tannous, PhD
group of 2019 Poster Day Winners
group of 2019 Poster Day Winners
2019 Poster Day Winners

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Bakhos Tannous
Bakhos Tannous, PhD
Director, Postdoctoral Division (PDD)
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About the Postdoctoral Division

The PDD, Postdoctoral Division's mission is to enhance postdoctoral training and career development. Areas of emphasis for this office are to:

  • Provide programming for career advancement, skill development and networking opportunities.
  • Enhance awareness of, and compliance with, the MGH Post-Doc Policy, including its exception policy.
  • Act as central point of contact for post-doc fellows regarding information, resources, and issues.
  • Provide individual counseling, career advice and support in looking for jobs.

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The Center for Faculty Development offers consultations and seminars to assist in the career development of faculty and trainees.