Childcare Centers

Bright Horizons: Bright Horizons serves benefits-eligible employees of MGH.

Mass General Brigham Childcare Services: Licensed services available to Mass General Brigham employees and Mass General Brigham-affiliated hospitals.

Mass General Hospital Children's Corner: The MGH Children's Corner serves infants, toddlers, and preschool age children.

Children's Quarters at the MGH Institute of Health Professions, CNY: The Children's Quarters at the MGH Institute of Health Professions (IHP) serves benefits-eligible employees and students.

Children's Center at Assembly Row: The Children's Center at Assembly Row serves benefits-eligible employees of Mass General Brigham Corporate and benefits-eligible employees of Mass General Brigham-affiliated institutions.

Backup Child Care

MGH Backup Child Care Center: The MGH Backup Child Care Center can provide emergency childcare services to MGH benefits-eligible employees. Backup Care: Backup Care provides in-home backup child care seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Nanny/Au Pair Service

Nanny Network: The Nanny Network is an email distribution list where Mass General Brigham affiliated faculty and fellows can recommend and view available nannies in the area.

Cultural Care Au Pair: Cultural Care Au Pair has placed over 85,000 screened and trained au pairs from all over the world to live with families and provide childcare for up to two years.

Other Resources

Mass General Brigham Community Connects: Mass General Brigham Community Connects is intended to connect the MGB community for childcare, e.g. for nanny shares, to form education pods, or just to get kids together for a playdate.

COVID-19 Provider Best Practices: Bright Horizons provided a video on in-home provider practices to keep families safe.

A Doctor’s Perspective On In-Home Child Care: A SitterCity article on how to ensure safety in the home.

Babysitter Interview Questions During COVID-19: A SitterCity article on which questions to ask while interviewing care providers.

Online Resources for Childcare in Massachusetts: An information resource that provides useful information to help you as you move through exciting transitions with your children.



The Impact of Youth’s Social Media Use and How to Mitigate it: In this webinar, Dr. Jacqueline Sperling talks about the impact of social media in your child's life with steps on how to manage the time they spend on it, including tips to develop a plan for recreational screen time use.

Managing and Moving Beyond Guilt –The Challenging Duo of Parenthood and Career: In this panel discussion, Drs. Deborah Hung, Karen K. Miller, Kerry Reynolds and Lorraine Schratz shared what they have learned during their parenthood journey about paying attention to what really matters and appreciating what they have both given and received in this experience.

Fun Things to Do with Kids (podcast): In this panel discussion, Dr. Anne Fishel talks about the importance of shared mealtimes, Dr. Anne Levy shares her insights on reading to her children at bedtime until they were in middle school and although Rana Chudnofsky was not recorded, she shared the essential tools to build resiliency while helping support your children and teaching them to practice their own resiliency.

How to Create Routines That Stick: In this webinar, Dr. Lisa Coyne talks about the importance of routines, explains why it is okay to slip up from yours, and answers questions about how to create healthy routines for you and your loved ones.

Back to School Transition - Tools for COVID Complications: This presentation, created by MGH Aspire, provides information on COVID concerns and learning influence, anxiety management tools, executive functioning, supportive structures for remote learning, and home-schooling resources.

COVID-19 Resources for Parents: The Office for Well-Being provides resources for parents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 - Helpful Q&A for Parents: MGfC pediatrician Michael Jellinek, MD, responds to questions and concerns from parents in the Mass General Community about parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Town Hall - Parenting and Productivity in the Time of COVID: The Center for Faculty Development and its Office of Women's Careers offered this Town Hall which covered challenges and options for parents during the COVID pandemic.

Keeping Peace in Home & Family: Bob Bordone, JD, offers participants practical strategies for navigating conflicts that can pop up with home, family, and friends during the COVID-19 crisis.

Back-to-School Transition - Tools for COVID Complications: Slides provided by Elisa Wulff, MEd, at the "Managing Parenthood and Your Career Series - Preparing for the New School Year" webinar.

Mass General Brigham Dependent Care Supports: Slides provided by Martha McNulty, MEd, at the "Managing Parenthood and Your Career Series - Preparing for the New School Year" webinar.

School Support

Tutoring Support

Varsity Tutors: Varsity Tutors combines highly-credentialed experts with an advanced technology platform dedicated to live, personalized instruction.

Revolution Prep: Revolution Prep takes a holistic approach to tutoring that goes beyond just grades and test scores. Each of our programs includes methods for lowering stress, getting into the test zone, and building a positive mindset.

MarcoPolo Learning: MarcoPolo Learning inspires children to become explorers and life long learners by making learning an adventure, filled with the thrills and joys of discovery.

Virtual Field Trips for School, Camp, and Community Groups: The Morgan’s arts in education programs are available for virtual field trips to School, Camp, and Community groups for grades K–12.

Scholastic Learn at Home: Free, 20 days of learning projects to keep pre-K through 6th graders actively engaged in learning.

Outschool: Live online classes to support public school families affected by school closures during COVID-19, for kids age 3-18, currently capped at $200 per family; details on their blog.

Khan Academy: Free daily learning schedules for pre-K-high school kids, with extensive links to online resources for following along from home.

PBS Kids Weekday Newsletter: Free newsletter with activities and tips to help kids play and learn at home.

San Diego Zoo Kid’s Page: Free educational activities related to animals and the environment, including games, videos and virtual stories.

Raddish Kids: Free recipes to make with kids, at home cooking camp curriculum, and a daily cook-along activity via social media.

Age of Learning: Free home access to online educational programs for preschool-8th grade.

Boston Public Library: The world at your fingertips, with new online content and e-books being added daily during COVID-19 library closures (requires library card).

Mark Rober’s YouTube channel: A former NASA engineer with fun and engaging videos for exploring science and engineering concepts.

Bill Nye the Science Guy on YouTube: Pretty sure he needs no introduction.

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