What is the duration of the course?
The course is offered in the Spring and Fall of each year. Classes meet once per week for 12 weeks. The Fall semester begins in September and ends in December. The Spring semester begins in February and ends in May.

Can I apply after the deadline for applications?
No, applications cannot be accepted after the deadline because a significant amount of time goes into processing applications and ensuring that each student is placed in the appropriate class level. Once the deadline passes, applications are closed and capped.

Is this course for beginner or advanced English speakers?
At this time, up to three levels are offered each semester based on need. Each applicant is required to take a placement test prior to the beginning of classes in order to be assigned the appropriate level.

How much does the course cost?
These classes are provided free of charge to researchers, but they are a significant expense to the hospital. They are considered an important part of your research training at MGH and are offered to help you improve your English language skills. Therefore, accepted applicants’ commitment and attendance throughout the semester are requirements for successful completion of the course.

What options exist if I miss the application deadline?
Here are a few additional resources around Boston that may be helpful if you are looking for English training outside of MGH: