Resources for senior faculty transitioning into partial or full retirement.

Lectures and Webinars


2024 Faculty Transition Webinar Series - Session 5
"Nuts & Bolts of Partial Retirement"

This fifth session of the Faculty Transition Webinar Series included discussions on HMS title options, MGH benefits available for partially retired faculty, one Chief's process for identifying roles and job titles for non full-time careers, and the new "stay connected" email list.
Panelists: Mindy Dellert, Academic Appointments Manager, HMS; Jeffrey L. Ecker, MD, Chief, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, MGH; Steven M. Greenberg, MD, PhD, Director, Office for Senior Faculty Affairs; Virginia C. Rosales, CEBS, Human Resource/Benefits Manager, Professional Staff Benefits; Bethany Westlund, PhD, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, HMS.
Watch the webinar (Click for Mindy Dellert's HMS Title Options presentation, Click for Virginia Rosales’ Professional Benefits presentation)

2024 Faculty Transition Webinar Series - Session 4
"Retirement Nuts & Bolts"

This fourth session of the Faculty Transition Webinar Series had a panel from Human Resources, Professional Staff Benefits and the Employee Access Center. It included presentations from two of the four panelists which covered where to begin the process of retirement, what it entails and what you should consider during the process.
Panelists: Nicholas Martin, Human Resources Director; Ellen Nelson, Director, Employee & Labor Relations at Mass General Brigham; Virginia Rosales, Human Resource/Benefits Manager, Professional Staff Benefits; Lisa Staffiere, LICSW, CEAP, RYT, Senior Employee Assistance Consultant and Certified Employee Assistance Professional.
Watch the webinar (Click for Virginia Rosales’ Professional Benefits presentation, Click for Lisa Staffiere’s EAP presentation)
Watch the December 21, 2022 webinar (Click for handout)

2024 Faculty Transition Webinar Series - Session 3
"Health of Your Wealth: Retiring against a backdrop of change"

In this third session of the Faculty Transition Webinar Series, Nora Yousif, Financial Advisor and Senior VP of Empower Wealth Group addresses the financial aspect of retirement, such as staying on track for a successful retirement transition and strategies to help maximize future social security monthly benefits.
Watch the webinar (Listen to podcast, click for handout)

2024 Faculty Transition Webinar Series - Session 2
"Crafting the Next Chapter- Reframe, Revitalize, and Reinvent"

In this webinar, Drs. Russ and Stephanie Eisenstat shared a high-level roadmap as well as practical first steps participants were able to take to move towards higher levels of intentionality and fulfillment in the mid- to late- stages of their careers.
Watch the webinar
Watch the January 18, 2023 webinar (Listen to podcast, click for presentation)
Watch the January 19, 2022 webinar

2024 Faculty Transition Webinar Series - Session 1
"Successful Transition to Retirement While Balancing Continued Engagement at MGH"

This first session of the Faculty Transition Webinar Series included a lively discussion with a panel of MGH faculty members who transitioned to retirement while finding opportunities to stay engaged in academic activities at MGH in a constructive and meaningful way.
Panelists: Jeffrey B. Cooper, PhD, Founder, Center for Medical Simulation; Ann-Christine Duhaime, MD, Pediatric Neurosurgeon; Isaac Schiff, MD, former Chief of Obstetrics & Gynecology; and Anne B. Young, MD, PhD, former Chief of Neurology, currently researcher and clinician.
Watch the webinar
Watch the November 16, 2022 webinar (Listen to podcast)

  • Health of Your Wealth: Retirement preparation in the midst of unknowns
    Nora Yousif, CFP, CDFA, MBA, Financial Advisor and Senior Vice President, Empower Wealth Group of RBC Wealth Management, equipped participants with the know-how needed for a successful retirement transition, even in the context of all the macroeconomic uncertainty. 
    Watch the February 15, 2023 webinar (Listen to podcast)
  • Health of your Wealth: Financial check-up for retirement preparation
    Nora Yousif, CFP, CDFA, MBA, Financial Advisor and First Vice President of the Empower Wealth Group at RBC Wealth Management, provided a financial roadmap for those in their 50’s and 60’s to help ensure that participants are on track for a successful retirement transition. She discussed key insights to help protect a family’s financial well-being, reviewed how to help ensure all are on track to retire at their targeted age, discussed advanced strategies to help maximize future social security monthly benefit, reviewed what all need to know as it pertains to Medicare, and pointed out how to avoid investing pitfalls in light of rising interest rates and a recovering economy.
    Watch the December 8, 2021 session (Listen to podcast)
  • 9-week Course: Re-energize, Reimagine and Reinvent - Crafting the Next Chapter of Your Work and Life
    Facilitators Stephanie Eisenstat, MD and Russ Eisenstat, PhD, offered this limited enrollment course for a second year. The course is an extension of their one-hour webinar offered in January. It is an opportunity for those in mid to late career who are seeking to successfully navigate a work/life transition, whether that be a new responsibility, leadership role, better work/ life balance or retirement. Using a disciplined, evidenced base approach, course participants have the opportunity to reflect on their personal journey and better understand their distinctive strengths as part of an open and supportive community of peers. This work provided participants a foundation for reimaging the path forward and proactively shaping a more meaningful and rewarding next chapter. It also provided a wealth of practical tools and resources to support them in making tangible progress, week by week, in realizing their aspirations for their life and work.
    Session dates: February 7-June 6, 2023 - Course Outline
Video Interviews

MGH faculty share how they have navigated the transition away from their intense and fulfilling careers to a new stage in their lives, which the term “retirement” cannot adequately describe.
Check out the recorded video interviews of the following faculty:

  • Robert Brown, MD
  • Jeffrey B. Cooper, PhD
  • Ann-Christine Duhaime, MD
  • Thomas Horn, MD
  • Jesse Jupiter, MD
  • Douglas Mathisen, MD
  • Anne B. Young, MD, PhD
What Should I Know?

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Helpful articles and resources

Volunteer Opportunities


  • MentorMGB: This “LinkedIn” style mentorship platform for the entire Harvard Medical School (HMS) community connects faculty, trainees and students across hospitals to find and give secondary mentorship; collaborate on research interests/find new projects; and create general work and non-work discussion/connections. Thanks to Mentor Mass General, we aim to foster a dynamic cross-institution mentorship culture and facilitate research collaborations.
    • The MentorMGB website is a general representation of site-wide activity to see what others on the platform are talking about, chime in on discussion forums, “like” updates, etc.
    • Members will eventually have all faculty across the MGB system, in all specialties, and provide the ability to search by research interest, mentorship area and send messages that go to their MGB email inbox. The more of your profile you fill out, the more searchable you will be on the network.
    • Groups is a page to create interest groups and meet others across the MGB system with like-minded interests.
    • Forums is a place to create discussion forums (on promotions, new articles, research projects, collaborator searches, etc.), to help each other and provide fluid mentorship across the MGB system.
    For more information, read the tutorial below.

    Download Tutorial PDF


  • City of Boston Volunteer Opportunities- They can also connect you to a variety of volunteer opportunities based on your interests, location, and preferred time commitment.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters- All children should have a chance to thrive. Some kids need someone to help them along that path. Turns out doing something important can be incredibly simple. With children across Eastern Massachusetts waiting for a Big, there has never been a better time to volunteer as a mentor. The experience is fun and rewarding, and our professionally trained staff will be there to support you every step of the way.
  • Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University- a museum of trees teaching the world about plants. Volunteers are essential to the Arboretum’s educational mission of fostering knowledge and appreciation of life science and the natural world. Please consider participating as an Arboretum volunteer—enjoy the rewards of connecting people with the world of plants.
  • Mass Audubon- wildlife sanctuary. At Mass Audubon, they believe that every person can make a positive impact when it comes to protecting the nature of Massachusetts! And one of the best (and most enjoyable) ways you can make an immediate difference is by volunteering your time.
  • The Trustees- Volunteer for a few hours or make a longer commitment. Whether it’s helping build a walkway along a popular trail, planting seeds in a community garden, engaging visitors as a docent at a historic house, monitoring shorebird populations at one of our beaches, or greeting people with a smile at a local event, they have a volunteer opportunity for you.
  • 25 Ways to Give Back and Volunteer around Boston- a thorough list of options—working in gardens, helping combat hunger, caring for children, building houses.