Our doctors and clinical staff educate patients on resources in their community.

Education and Counseling

For most people with ALS, knowledge of the disease allows them to feel and to be more in control of their life. The information that our clinicians offer our patients, and the time and attention we give to presenting it, permit our patients the opportunity to make choices around their physical well being, work life, and home life. We place a high importance on education and the decisions patients must face. Having a realistic understanding of ALS and its care promotes discussions about care choices, offering patients the opportunity to make the best choices for themselves.

The Mass General ALS Multidisciplinary Clinic has produced written, educational material on taking control of your disease. Please visit see our Patient education material.

Coordination of Care and Community Referral

Individuals with ALS live and work in their home and community. We strongly promote sharing information and offering consultation to community healthcare provider who share in care of our patients. Through outreach, education, and experience we offer our patients advice regarding community resources with experience in caring for patients with ALS. Our relationships with these individuals and agencies make for better ALS care in the communities where our patients live. When a patient lives in a community where ALS is less familiar to physicians, nurses, and therapists, we offer our experience and expertise to help guide them when they seek assistance or advice.

To learn more about support services, please see our material on Living with ALS.

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