• Personal Care Attendants

    Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) assist people with long-term disabilities who live at home and can provide support to people living with ALS.

  • Living with ALS: Sexuality and Intimacy

    ALS can directly affect sexual function through nerve and muscle changes, and indirectly affect feelings of intimacy between the person with ALS and his or her partner.

  • Healthcare Agents

    This section provides additional information about health care agents.

  • Applying for Disability

    Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) now makes it easier for patients with ALS to apply for disability.

  • Organ Donation

    One way that some people with ALS choose to help is by donating their bodies at the time of death to ALS research.

  • ALS and Hospice Care

    Hospice is supportive care for people living with terminal disease. Some people with ALS choose hospice care. Learn more about choosing hospice care.