The Sean M. Healey & AMG Center for ALS at Massachusetts General Hospital awarded the fourth annual Healey Center International Prize for Innovation in ALS to the team that brought innovation, rapid development, and efficacy in Phase 2 clinical trials that led to the FDA approval of Relyvrio as a new treatment for ALS.

The recipients include:

  1. Joshua Cohen, CEO and co-founder, Amylyx Pharmaceuticals
  2. Justin Klee, President and co-founder, Amylyx Pharmaceuticals
  3. Kent Leslie, former Chief Scientific Officer, Amylyx Pharmaceuticals
  4. Sabrina Paganoni, MD PhD, CENTAUR Trial Principal Investigator, Co-Director, MGH Neurological Clinical Research Institute (MGH NCRI)
  5. James Berry, MD MPH, Co-Chair Northeast ALS Consortium (NEALS); Director, MGH MGH NCRI
  6. Jinsy Andrews, MD MSc, Co-Chair Northeast ALS Consortium (NEALS)
  7. Jeremy Shefner, MD PhD, Senior Vice President, Barrow Neurological Institute (BNI)

The award was presented to the team during the virtual 33rd International Symposium on ALS/MND by Merit Cudkowicz, MD, MSc, director of the Healey & AMG Center at Mass General and Regan Healey.

“We are honored to be recognized alongside leading ALS clinicians and scientists who are at the forefront of improving outcomes for the ALS community who have no time to wait. One of the most important early lessons we’ve learned is that collaboration drives innovation and advancement, and we look forward to continuing our collective mission to create a world free of ALS.” – Josh Cohen and Justin Klee, Co-CEOs of Amylyx

The selection committee consisting of ALS scientists agreed that the team from Amylyx, NCRI, NEALS, and BNI are the most deserving recipients of the 2022 award. The committee recognizes the team’s excellence in research and their efforts that catalyzed exceptional discoveries leading to a transformative advance in therapy development in ALS, collectively making a tremendous impact in ALS. The FDA approved Relyvrio in September, after clinical data showed that the medication slowed disease progression, extending the lives of patients by several months. 

“The approval of Relyvrio is a massive step forward in ALS innovation and care,” said Cudkowicz, who is also the Chief of Neurology at MGH. “This team’s ability to make strides in exceptional science and research is a fantastic accomplishment, and I am confident they will continue to make a tremendous impact on the ALS community.”

“The team’s work epitomizes the mission of the Healey Center: to move faster and press forward in the fight.” states Regan Healey.

The annual Healey Center International Prize for Innovation in ALS is a global prize celebrating excellence in research for a team of investigators who catalyze exceptional discoveries leading to a transformative advance in therapy development in ALS. To learn more about this $50,000 USD prize and how to nominate a team, click here.

For more information about the Sean M. Healey and AMG Center for ALS, please visit the website.